About Us

JJ Express Painting Plus can look back on many successfully completed projects. Our success depends on referrals to a large extent so we put quality and reputation first. Satisfied customers are our motivation to perform our work with reliability, punctuality and trustworthiness.


We service areas such as Holland, Grand Haven, Grand Rapids and all surrounding areas. 


We work on all kinds of commercial and residential projects. Whether new or remodeled residential homes or commercial buildings, we paint any type of surface, remove wallpaper, powerwash, stain and restore decks.  Fully insured.


Would you like to learn more about us? Then simply contact Jay at 616-298-0148.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Our Team

The guys on my team have been painting for many years and know what they are doing.  We strive to make our work as minimally invasive on the homeowner as possible.  A high level of quality control exists on our jobsite and constant attention is given to making sure team members are working as efficiently as possible at a given task.   A great amount of care is given to make sure carpets aren't spattered on or that cabinets and trim are properly taped and masked off.  If paint should bleed around tapes, we are careful to remove it before the paint is cured.  If a better result can be achieved at my off-site spray finishing shop, we can do that.  If presented with a difficult situation, we will search out the best option to handle it.  Many other examples could be given about the little things we do that separate us from the other painting services out there.